Tricia McCormick, LPC

Resolve Counseling Center was founded by Tricia McCormick in 2011. Resolve is located in Birmingham, Alabama in Historic Office Park Circle, between Mountain Brook and Highway 280. It is easily accessed from Highway 280,
‚ÄčI-459, I-65, and Lakeshore/Shades Creek Parkway. 


Resolve Counseling Center

"My goal is to provide a space where you and I can come together to discuss ways that I can assist you in your life and relationships. You can grab a coffee, water, or bring your favorite beverage, curl up on the couch or rocking chair, relax and share without concern of being judged or embarrassed.

Everyone has struggles at some time in their life and needs someone to help identify how they can be the best they are designed to be without any personal agenda. My role as a counselor is to give assistance during times of struggle, whether due to past traumas, periods of anxiety, depression, grief, loving someone that is addicted, problems with a spouse or other, spiritual quest, or their unique situation."

Types of Clients


the ability of a professionally trained person to come along beside you with understanding, empathy, without judgment, to help you move forward in your life.


at times we need a different perspective about what we are experiencing or believing. Life can have challenging and difficult periods. There can be crisis, grief, unknowns. Sometimes we want to make personal improvements with guidance.


Couples come to counseling to improve a good relationship or to find help with one that is hurting. The reasons for counseling are varied including extended family issues, parenting, belief systems, finances, trauma, grief, communication, infidelity, and many others. Don't wait until the hurt is insurmountable.

Individuals, men or women, often find counseling an opportunity to feel safe to explore their past and present and how they are being affected. Counseling is an opportunity to develop tools to improve mental and emotional health in a safe place.

Adolescents have issues they might  not feel comfortable discussing with parents. As a counselor I can listen and help them develop coping and relationship skills. I can also serve as an ally between the teen and parents.

Tricia meets with school age children to help them with adjustments at school or home, grief, ADD, anxiety, depression and other issues. often much of the work is done through giving them or their parents new skills.


is a personal decision. Referrals from friends, coworkers, doctors, or religious contacts can be be helpful. Importantly the counselor should be someone you feel comfortable spending time

with and can build a trusting relationship.