The Amelia Center,, 205-638-7481.Helpful resources are available as well as free grief counseling for grief.

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Health,, offers information concerning treatment, support and programs, and location of your local chapter.

substance aBUSE

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism,,  This is a good source for education on alcohol abuse and alcohol if you believe you or someone else has a problem.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Find information about what AA is and is not, and where to find a local meeting. 

Al-Anon Family Groups, Al-Anon helps family and friends who have a loved one that is negatively affected by alcohol. Check their web site to learn more about Al-Anon including local meetings.

e-CHUG and, Google e-chug or e-toke for several college websites which help students determine their use and receive feedback on marijuana use.

Narcotics, Information is listed about NA, how to find a meeting, Just for Today Meditation, and more.

National Institute on Drug Abuse,,  offers information on alcohol and drug abuse

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration,,  has resources plus help locate a treatment facility and other emergency helplines and many types of publications available.

Group Help

     Groups can be an excellent to individual counseling. Some are listed below.

Bipolar Group Help (free), Family of persons with Bipolar Disorder in the Birmingham area, 205-703-2843.

Divorce support and recovery,, helps you to find a group near you.

Grief Support,,,, are among free grief groups in the Birmingham area.

Miscellaneous Sites

Suicide Prevention Lifeline,, according to its site is a 24 hour, toll free, confidential suicide prevention hotline.